I purchased this cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child on Ebay---sight unseen. It had a description for the book but no picture. I bought it for $6 including shipping (they are selling for $20+ on Amazon). I was ESTATIC when it arrived and was in great condition and had this adorable vintage cover. This winter I am going to work my way through this cookbook. Can't wait!!!
The second book is one I picked up at TJ Maxx of all places. It was $3.99 and caught my eye. I was so glad I bought it. It is called "Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping".
It is seriously packed with such great things! It is totally something out of the victorian age, but the ideas for homekeeping are timeless.
For instance.... I don't know if you with husbands can identify, but even though I change our sheets weekly, they still can tend to smell a bit throughout the week. In this book it says that in the days of servants, the maids would come into the bedrooms andthe sheets would be pulled down to the foot of the bed and the windows were opened to air out the sheets from the previous nights sleep. Most of us grew up having to make our beds after getting up. But the book says (and it makes perfect sense) that you trap in the odors and such from the night before by making your bed immediately after waking. Since reading this, I have put it into practice....and it works! No more musty smells. I wait until afternoon to make the beds and the sheets are nice and aired out.


  1. I love that fabric you found! You'll have to take some pictures of your curtains when you get those done. I'm sure going thru that french cookbook will be a blast! Make sure you share you're favorite dishes!

  2. Thanks Trina! I will definately let you know what dishes I find. Miss you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the bit on airing out the sheets. I am way too annal and make beds immediately and have even been known to make the bed with Mike still in it. My favorite thing in the whole world is fresh sheets. So today I thought I'd try airing ours. After throwing back the sheets(and finding two pairs of boxers at the bottom of the bed) and opening the windows, I was inspired to wash the bedroom windows and screens. Later today, I shared this housekeeping secret with my sister who said" oh yeah, I do that every day. Our beds don't get made until after lunch. I've been doing that the past 10years!" Well, I am going to try to let go of some of annalness and let the beds air out!. So thank you for sharing this great housekeeping secret! I really like this blog. You have done such a great job! love, Hannah

  4. Hannah--that is hilarious!!Thanks for checking in.....

  5. I will have to try this sheet thing. I don't change the sheets once a week, I am embarassed to say how often I actually do... What a piece of sheet I am!
    I revel in my dorkery.