Waiting for Spring....

Even though it is still 20 degrees outside, I have started spring cleaning. It is March of course! I moved a desk into my "cookbook nook" downstairs and it was one of those things where I wish I would have done it months ago! I love having a little work area down there. I'll take a picture another day and post it (feeling a bit lazy today). Anyhow, it gives me a workspace to organize recipes, pay bills, write letters, and just dream on paper.
Mike and I spent the weekend working our way through our storage stuff. No fun! Really we don't hoard all that much but Mike has a thing for books and since we have no bookshelves, all 10 boxes or so stay in our storage spot off the guest room.
I am definately ready for spring and for some warmer weather. Canaan is dreaming of the park and it will be fun to breathe some fresh air without our lungs hurting!