Auction Finds

I grew up going to auctions with my parents. I have been out of the auction circut for a while but recently found an auction house I like and have been going every other Sunday. For those of you who haven't been to an auction.....go! We have furnished almost our entire house on auction finds and it is a great place to people watch and meet some interesting characters.
Yesterday, I went for some bookshelves. I ended up with 6 bookshelves for $20 (they had put them in a lot-- a "lot" being a grouping of items sold together), a top of the line Kenmore Elite upright freezer for $25 and a cute little shabby chic fabric footstool, a cool wooden chair, and another footstool that were sold in a lot for $1o
The chair needs a new seat put in, which I am excited to do!

Here's a few pics. The bookshelves and freezer are still at the auction house. We'll go get those tomorrow.
Also, a pic of a clearance Anthropologie tablecloth that I am loving right now!