Projects around the house

I love when company comes to visit. First of all because I want to see them, but secondly because that means projects start getting done around the house! This week we tackled a bunch of little projects that had been written down on a piece of paper on the fridge for weeks now. One project was priming and painting these cool architectural wooden corner pieces I picked up at an auction. When I got them they were longer (we cut them off) and being used as table legs. I had been looking for things such as these for a few months now and couldn't believe how expensive they are at architectural salvage places. Anyhow, got that project was for Mike to fix the legs on a sofa I bought at auction for $10. Thankfully he is such a handyman and knows how to do just about anything from instinct. He had to drill out all of the old wooden pegs and make new ones for the legs to screw into. Big project. Eventually I would like to get the couch reupholstered but I'll have to save for that! This little gem is downfilled and is so stinkin cute!
There is still an ever growing list of things to do. Next is making a curtain for our kitchen window. I really wanted to leave it bare but the evening sun is BLINDING!!!!! So I need to think of what I want there. Also, the boys room is going to get decorated one of these days. Canaan has never had a "cool" room. We have always rented and never been able to do what he would like with his space. So now we'll tackle his and Ezra's room and give them the uber cool camping room. Which means lots of painting, rustic patchwork quilt making, etc.....
Lastly our outdoor covered porch got cleaned this weekend. We took off all of the firewood that was lining the walls, gave it a good clean and a fresh coat of white paint. Tonight Mike hung a cool black iron chandelier Mikes mom had bought me last Christmas and we put our old painted wood dining table out there. I'll take pics of that another time though....
I have also included a pic of Canaan. He's gonna be a heartbreaker! And a picture of Canaan's favorite "doll" (or whatever you call it for boys). I made this little guy out of a pair of Canaan's favorite pajamas. He was so sad when his pajamas got holes and became way too small so I snuck off and made this little guy for him. He calls him "Carrot" --how appropriate!


  1. I love the cd/dvd racks. Where did you get those? Or did you make them yourself?

    Your home has so much personality.

  2. Thanks so much! I bought them at Ikea for $4.99. I think they come in grey as well.

  3. your house is looking so great. i can't wait to come visit. :)

  4. I don't know you but was sent your blog address by my sister, Helena. I think you two may have known each other at one time. I enjoyed reading through your blogs and the auction house experiences. I have never done that but I think it is in my blood somewhere....Keep it up with the good deals. That is the way to live!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words Kacey! You will have to give an auction a try. Look at to see where one is in your area. Do you have a blog?