Where Does the Time Go?

I am getting incredibly sentimental about Canaan going to Kindergarten. So sentimental in fact that I laid in bed thinking about it last night and cried myself to sleep :(
I mean, seriously, how does this all happen so fast? Mike asked me why I was so upset about it and I think its because its the end of this phase of our lives. The end of days when I will have Canaan with me all day long. We have had 5 years day in and day out going to the park, cleaning the house, making dinner, going shopping, reading books, and throwing frisbee. Those days are coming to an ending and soon he will be off to school for 7 hours a day.
I know you might be thinking, "then just homeschool him if you are that sad about it" but really he is so excited to go to school. He loves to learn and try new things and I think going to school is going to be better for him than staying at home learning.
Anyhow, those are my thoughts today. My little sweet Canaan is growing up! I have to learn to embrace it and encourage him along this life's journey not to hold him back because of my own selfish reasons (however good they are :)
He is doing so well though. He loves science and anything having to do with outerspace. He is kind to Ezra, respectful to others, and so loving of us. He loves to learn about the Bible and always has some deep theological question in his mind. I am incredibly proud of him and know he is going to have a blessed and wonderful life.