It has always been important to us to fill the house with artwork and craftiness that is personal to us. Whether it is the copper hearts Mike made for me when we first got married that I have hanging above our front door or the baskets Mikes mom has made for us that I have around the house..
Last week I hung the boys paintings above our couch. That wall was SOOO bare and I kept thinking I would paint a big picture for that area. But as I started looking through things that had yet to be hung from our other house I ran across these and decided they would be perfect for that wall. Canaan did 4 of them and Ezra painted 2 of them. They are so proud of their artwork up there and I think it is important to have the boys contribute to our home.
My mantle has changed again - as it does quite often - Mike thinks it looks to bare with all white but for me it is a nice change and a bit more clean and simplistic for summer.