Our Bedroom (Ignore the aweful paint)

Our bedroom has been a source of frustration and anxiety for me. It has been a cluttered mess with us trying to have our home office in it as well. Papers, books, bills, etc...have been everywhere. For me, my bedroom needs to be a relaxing and clutter free space and it obviously just wasn't happening which made me not even want to spend time in there.
So last week after being sick in bed for 2 days and having to stare at the disorganization of it all I tackled it all in one day. I eliminated 2 pieces of furniture ( a filing cabinet and a dresser) which really opened the space up. Then I organized all of our paperwork and in the white dresser I gave Mike a drawer, me a drawer, and a combined big drawer for all of our papers and things we need to work on. The room still needs painted...SOON!....but otherwise I am a much happier person and enjoy spending time in my little oasis.