Anticipating Fall

A couple of years ago I found 4 pictures of a farm. Each showed the farm in a different season. I absolutely love things like this. For a while they hung in the boys room but since the move I have decided that we, as an entire family, should get to share in the fun of these pics. I have hung one, framed, by the door with the particular season we are in. Fall is framed now. Yes it isn't quite fall yet, I know, Mike already reminded me, but I am ANTICIPATING fall so I am putting it up! It makes me happy to see it along with our new keyholder (Urban Outfitters) that I found at our huge kick-butt overstock store called Gabriel Brothers for $4.99.
In other news...
My cake won 3rd place at the Kentucky State Fair this year. This is the first time I have ever entered anything into a competition so it was fun to actually place! I was suprised how many cakes were entered. Holy cow! It was fun and I am already looking forward to next year!
My cup of coffee is at the bottom and that means it is time to start the day. Ezra and I will head to the gym for a workout. I am trying to finish a little art project that hopefully I can post about tomorrow. And we will attempt cleaning out our "junk" closet when Mike gets home tonight. Wish us luck!


  1. mmmmmm...I want to chomp right into that delicious looking cake! megan, i'm so proud of you! That must've been so fun to win! THIRD place is GREAT! FL state fair...look out for me next year! :)

  2. sarah allmon20/8/08 9:27 PM

    wow! congrats! your cake looks absolutely wonderful! cakes and i DO NOT get along... so i'm a little jealous! but good for you! what fun!