My New Favorite Magazine

I stumbled on this great magazine a while back at our local independent bookstore. It is entirely in French but it is sooo dreamy and full of amazing ideas for decorating, sewing, entertaining, and such. I can only read like 10 words in French (not much to show for 2 years of French class in high school!) But nonetheless, I sit for hours at a time pouring over the new issues. It comes out once a quarter I think and costs a whopping $10. Usually I just sit and read it at the bookstore but this time I bought one for my own collection.
Last night Mike didn't come home till nearly 11pm after going to a college small group. Our college students are back in full force which means more late nights ahead! The students love the boys so we usually have them around too but with Canaan having a 7:30am school time, late nights are somewhat out of the picture for now. It actually was nice to get the boys in bed and have a few hours to myself. I hadn't laid on the couch and watched TV in MONTHS! I watched some TV and got caught up on my favorite blogs. A nice relaxing night for mama :)


  1. Ohhhh, I love the new look. I liked your last "new look" but I am loving this one! You're going to have to teach me some of your tricks. Soule Mama doesn't have anything on you Megan, hee, hee!! Seriously though, it looks awesome! I'll talk to you soon.


  2. And I just realized your new template is very French Country which goes along perfectly with your last post. How apropos!

  3. Thanks Kris!!! :) Mike has been helping figure out how to keep the blog "fresh". I am so bad at that kind of stuff.