Off to Kindergarten....

Oh boy! What a tough day it has been already and I have only been up for about 45 minutes. Ezra and I just sat on the driveway watching Canaan and Dadddy walk to his first day of kindergarten.
It is incredibly emotional on so many levels. I am excited for him because he is so excited. I am nervous that he will encounter unfriendly kids or learn bad habits or bad things that we have tried so hard to prevent in these first 5 years. I am extremely sad to see the end of this "era" in our family. I have had five fantastic years with Canaan each and every day playing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, creating, laughing, talking, learning, and growing together. Now he is growing up and heading off to school all day. Thats tough.
It goes back to the whole principle of teaching them and letting them strengthen their wings so they can leave the nest. Yes, this mostly applies to college students, I know, but of course my little guy just left the nest to venture into the big world albeit right around the corner.
I didn't realize parenting would be so heartwrenching so early on!
So now I will fight back my tears all day ( I had my major boo hoo time a couple of nights ago) and pray for Canaan (as I always do--but now even more) that he will have a great day and will meet wonderful new friends. I pray that he will take with him each day to school the life lessons Mike and I have so painstakenly and patiently tried to teach him so far.
Here comes Mike back up the driveway....I'll see you later.


  1. Ohhh, you'll be ok mom. You are going to now have the time to do all those things with Ezra all alone!
    Don't worry- he's a leader. He won't be effected by them, it will be the other way around! Will he have a heartbreak or two, yep, almost guaranteed. But he will be the stronger for it!

  2. Oh, Megan... I was just there last year and it still brings tears to my eyes to read your note. Those first years go by so fast, just like those older, more experienced parents say. It makes me want to pour myself into those that are still home. Make sure to makes lots of dates with Canaan during the school year. I cherish my time with Cai now all the more! And yes, you'll be okay! In fact, you'll learn to enjoy those "quieter" days as well. It's a bittersweet thing. I'm thinking and praying for you today and totally been there! (My first born goes to grade ONE in a few weeks. Somehow, that just seems so official! I'll cry about it all over again....)

  3. Megan,

    You did better then Lina & I - especially when Kari left for Kindergarten. We sat in the car for a good hour and couldn't speak.

    I was telling Mike just the other day that we had to take Dustin to high school orientation on Monday. He seems more then ready to get started on the other hand Lina & I just aren't sure that we are ready.

    Thankfully we have a God that truly is in control despite our our inadequacy.

    We miss you guys!

  4. aaaw. how sweet and sad and gut wrenching and exciting and everything in one!!! He's such a cute little school boy! :) He looked so excited too!!!!