Canaan has always loved learning and is just so smart (don't all parents say that about their kids ?)
Now that school has started he is just blowing us away with how quickly he is picking up on things and how excited he is to learn. He came home yesterday from school and started writing his numbers on the white board easel we have in the kitchen. Usually he will write to 10 and then stops. Yesterday he started at 1 and wrote all of his numbers, in order, to 103. He stood there diligently and so engrossed in the process of it all. He was really proud of himself! As we were too. (of course he can't take a semi-normal picture if his life depended on it...gotta love 5 year olds! :)

He has also started reading little books. We have these small "Bob Books" from Scholastic that Mike's sister gave us. They are great because the entire book is 2-3-or 4 letter words that are easy to sound out.
I kept one in my purse for Canaan and the other week at the store he pulled it out and started sounding out words. Within about 20 minutes he had sounded out the words in the entire book. He was SOOOO EXCITED! He kept saying "MOM, I READ AN ENTIRE BOOK!" Indeed he did, and he read it at least another 10 times before we left the store. We've been amazed at how quickly he is reading words (he sounded out the word "friendship" the other day) and writing words (like "greatest" that he did last night).
Pretty awesome stuff. Ezra is on his own learning journey in his stage in life which is equally as exciting. Most exciting is that he is finally starting to use his little potty which hopefully means diapers will soon be a thing of the past.