Organizing the Kitchen

I am an organizer by nature. I remember living with my parents as a younger version of myself and organizing their linen closets, kitchen cabinets, and the clutter under the kitchen sink. I would like to think I am not too OCD about it but I am sure Mike would say otherwise. I really can appreciate things being out of order at times. Chaos doesn't totally freak me out.....I just REALLY appreciate organization. Now that I have made that disclaimer...on with the post.
So yesterday I just about had it with our kitchen cabinets. Everytime I opened one up something would tumble out or there was something out of place. Part of this is my fault since moving in I haven't actually taken the time needed to properly organize. The other blame goes to...well I won't name names but he is about 6'4", dark hair, name rhymes with Ike.
We have a friend named Carrie up in Wisconsin (hi Carrie!) who I just envy for her simplified organized home. Everything seems to have a place and there is just enough of everything--not too much. That is the place in life I am trying to get to. Having just enough and not too much.
So on with the kitchen cabinets;
I cleaned them out yesterday and wiped them down. I looked at what I had objectively and asked myself those essential questions like "when is the last time we used this?", "do we really need this", and "can we live without it". Those are hard questions to ask someone like me who loves to be in the question! Of course I need 2 sets of martini glasses and 3 sets of wine glasses!...well I guess I could part with one set of each :(
!And let me just interject here. The picture shows alot of white bowls. DON'T mess with the white bowls ! :) I have a little thing for old white bowls and really I promise, they do get used!)
So thats what I did. Went through everything parting with a few things here and there and stacking things properly so they all fit nicely into the cabinets.
In other news with the kitchen, I'll hold off showing any pictures of the kitchen until we have it finished! After the total destruction of tearing out walls and huge chunks of the ceiling we now need to put it all back together again. I am dreaming of ways to paint, decorate and create to make a great space. We have given ourselves a $500 budget to completely do the kitchen (floors, backsplash, paint, and any other decor). Wish me luck! I LOVE a challenge :) The look I am going for is something like "Swedish Grandma's house on the beach in Maine with a punch of glamour". I told Mike that and he looked at me like I was insane. (really I am and he is just now wising up to it.)
Here is a great decorating resource I found online
Good stuff to be found there.