Scenes From the Farmers Market

( Special thanks to Canaan Smith, photographer extroidenaire, for his great farmers market photographs for this blog.)

Saturday morning the boys and I woke up early and ventured downtown to the weekly Farmers Market. Mike was off to Mammoth Cave with the guys from church. We always love the farmers market but rarely make it. Either busy weekends or lazy weekends when we don't want to leave the house keep us away.
But Saturday we ventured downtown for a stroll through the booths. It was so nice and breezy and Canaan kept saying "Mom! Its such a beautiful morning!" Yes, it certainly was...
The harvest is so colorful and unique this time of year. Heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, all colors of beans, pumpkins and squash, and apples all have such great color and beauty.
I bought the first of I am sure MANY white pumpkins. I love the cream/white pumpkins for decorating in the house.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. Lots of continual work on the kitchen. After the total destruction of the kitchen area we (or really Mike) has had lots of clean up and such. There were water pipes to close off, electrical boxes to move, and a vent pipe to divert. The next project is to patch up the whole in the wall and ceiling from removing the walls and then we will be ready to start the fun part of painting, new hardware on the cabinet doors, new flooring, and much more.
I'll wait until we are done to show a finished project picture. I hope it turns out as amazing in reality as it does in my head.
Off to the gym I go for my "killer class"...more about that in another post.