Each day I walk to get Canaan at school. Its a nice, brisk, beautiful walk up to the door where I pick him up. Ezra is always fresh up from a nap and always barefoot (he loves to be barefoot).

Usually I walk to get him around 2:30 but lately I have been going about fifteen minutes early so I can sit and knit for a few minutes before he comes out. There is a cute little bench in the shade that I sit on and watch Ezra kick a soccer ball around while trying to finish a scarf I promised Canaan 2 winter's ago. I had taken him to the fabric store and he excitedly picked out this vibrant yellow yarn (his favorite color at the time and is a close second to orange now).

I thought it would take me a week or so but it was right after Ezra was born and with the combination of sleepless nights, nursing a baby quite often almost all day long, and using way too small of knitting needles, it is still in progress. I am determined to finish it by this winter. My only hope is that he doesn't loose it at school..
Last night at the dinner table Canaan asked when I would be 70 years old. I told him that since I am 30 now I would be 70 in 40 years. You could see the wheels turning in his head as to that kind of math so I walked over to the dry erase board and tried explaining double digit addition to him. Within less than fifteen minutes I had written 9 problems on the easel and he was working away at them. He finished all 9 of them in just a few minutes and was eagerly asking for more to do. His little brain absolutely blows me away.

His eagerness to learn and know more is amazing to me. Last week he was accepted into the gifted program at school---I had no idea there were gifted programs for Kindergarten. Anyhow, he has no idea what that is but I just explained that he would get to take some extra classes to learn more (which thrilled him!)
A quick update on Ezra- he is our little drummer boy. He plays drums all day long on everything. We don't actually have a drum set but that does not deter him. He bangs his way through the day singing "real rock star!" I have to say I am really proud of myself for not going absolutely crazy with the constant drum playing. Hooray for mom!

He loves soccer balls, basketballs, golf balls, tennis get the point. Lately he is facinated with the neighbor kid across the street who skateboards each evening. Ezra has made his own skateboards out of train track pieces which has tries to shimmy along the floor on. Mike and I both yelled out an exasperated "NO" last night as he was trying to skateboard down the stairs...he's absolutely fearless this 2 year old!