"Just let it go..."

Yesterday afternoon I put Ezra down for a nap and was ready to curl up on the couch with a quilt magazine and a cup of coffee. As I sat down I looked around my house and, like usual, the house was out of sorts from the mornings happenings. Toys laying around, pajamas still on the couch, the kitchen table full of the mornings activities, and couch cushions tossed around haphazardly.
My first instinct in times like those is to start cleaning. I will say in my mind "I'll clean up fast and then I will read and relax. But the cleaning up fast usually leads to finding an area of the house that needs organized or a bigger project I end up tackling.
So yesterday I told myself "Megan, just let it go..." I decided to sit amidst the chaos and just relax with my book and coffee. It was HARD! Really hard to try to relax when I wanted to straighten things up. But this is an area of my life I have been trying to work on. I can tend to let the un-organization and chaos of life affect my ability to relax instead of giving myself permission to "just let it go" and appreciate it for what it is.

What it is is that I have a great home that is filled with the love and energy of 3 boys (Mike is one of those :). We like to play, craft, create, cook, and enjoy time together. Thats my life and as much as I like cleanliness and organization, I will take the boys laughter and fun in our home all the more!