Missing Mongolia...

A few years ago Mike and I took a team of 15 college/high school students on a 6 week trip to Mongolia. We stayed in a primitive building with no toilets, no furniture, no running water, and limited electricity. I had seen much of the world by the time I went to Mongolia and yet Mongolia grabbed my heart. I miss Mongolia but really I miss international travel all together.

Traveling is simply amazing! The jet lag, the odd smells, the foods, the inability to communicate with other people in their language--it all plays such a vital role in our ability to adapt to difficult situations in life and gives us a better appreciation for our home here in America. On the other hand learning how family dynamics work in other cultures, seeing their rich traditions, experiencing life in their community gives me a challenge to not get so wrapped up in the crazy American hurried culture and rather enjoy my time at home with family and create our own family traditions.

Mike and I would love to travel again soon. I think exposing Canaan and Ezra to other cultures is an aspect of their lives we would like to develop. Of course money, time, money.... they are what keep us here for now...but someday!


  1. These photos are unbelievable. I wish we would have traveled more before having our kids. I hope we will make it happen as they get older, I want them to experience more then just the states. You are right, we have so much here, it is hard to get them to comprehend anything else, even when we try to talk of it often.

  2. Travel with the kids! We would love for the four of you to come to the NL sometime.

    The Mongolia trip is definitely something that will stand out in my mind among our many travels for a long time.

  3. We'd love to come visit you guys, Rob! You were our favorite traveling companion, by the way...