Our New Home Office

When we moved in to our new home back in March I immediately saw potential in our large hallway closet converting to a home office. Initially I thought we could knock out the wall and have it open to the living room.

(our closet before the switcharoo)

For the past few months our home office (Mike has no official office except here and I do my Ebay, Peddlers Mall stuff, writing, and general bill paying there) has been in our bedroom. We both hated it being in there. The papers would pile up and be a continual issue of stress for both of us because we were always "needing" to clean up the mess and woke up to the piles in the morning and went to bed with them at night...maybe you can identify?

Anyhow, last week I finally took on my original idea of the hallway office. I cleared out what had been in there--getting rid of much and storing some in the garage. I painted to spruce it up a bit and Mike used a piece of wood to make a desk area. I still need to buy (or make)some of those organizational bins for the wall that I am going to label and keep our bills and papers very organized in. We also need to run electricity to it for the printer and laptop.

(office is behind the open door in the hallway)

I am totally happy with the switcharoo and now we have a great little reading nook in the bedroom where the office used to be. Cost involved was nothing! Just a couple hours of work.

(this is the little reading nook although not nearly as great as I hope to sometime make it. But repurposing things already here this is what I came up with.)