Happy Birthday Mike!

Top Ten Reasons I Love Him So....

10. He can walk into any room and light it up. He has an infectious smile and has the ability to make people feel welcomed and important.

9. Its not easy to find a man that can re-wire a house and move plumbing AND love to shop at the mall for hours.

8. He wants the absolute best for our family and strives each day to make sure of it.

7. He believes in my dreams and helps me acheive them.

6. He has dreams of his own and loves to dream big. He thinks big and thinks towards the future. Thats gives us such hope and purpose as a family.

5. We have fun in any circumstance. He has been the only person in life that can always make me laugh...even after 10 years of marriage!

4. He's doesn't take himself too seriously. He will dance and sing around the house and make up rap songs about things we see as we drive in the car.

3. He will willingly and without complaining go in the middle of the night and pick up random pieces of furniture off the side of the road that I want to refinish.

2. He loves God deeply and has a passion for seeing others have a true and deep relationship with God as well. He has convictions that he believes in and stands up for. Whether it is in society or in the church, he stands for what is right.

1. He will always be the person I want to have my morning coffee with and the glass of wine at night with. I thank God every day that I found this amazing guy when I was 20 years old so I could spend atleast 80 years with him here on earth. We have a lot of living left to do together...oh how I love him so!

Happy Birthday!