I had one of my moments the other day. It was one of those moments in life that makes me stand back and see things as a whole, not in its parts. Do you ever have those moments?
I was in the driveway raking out the dead leaves from this past season. I could hear Mike in the distance mowing the lawn and watched as the boys played happily on the hammock in the backyard.
It was then that I had my moment. I had this overwhelming feeling of "I can't believe I am doing this!" I am am MOM. I have a HUSBAND. I have a yard of my OWN with leaves to rake and branches to collect. It was one of those surreal moments. This is IT! I am living my adult life!!! Am I making any sense? Do you have these moments? Sometimes I can't believe I have been given trust over these precious boys and I have the responsibility as an adult, a mom, and a wife, a friend, and a mentor in life.
So here I am, in my 30's--all grown up. I love it! It is so much more than I ever expected. What is also great is that I haven't arrived. I continue to pursue dreams and live for the future yet embracing and loving each moment of the present.
Thank you God for this blessed life I get to live each day. May I live it to the fullest potential and for Your glory always!


  1. You put words to this feeling very well Megan! I have had these moments many times since marrying Jason almost 9 years ago. And they have increased this past year since having Jordana. I've never known anyone else who has put them into words though, so thanks for this post!

  2. Yes, I have had those moments. It's amazing, isn't it? My life is even better and I am more blessed than I could have ever imagined. Well said.

  3. I have these moments all the time! I love it! I realize that I am the age that I used to think was so oooold! But I don't feel old at all! Only when I start adding up the years since I graduated High School, or since I lived in Orlando. (10 1/2 years now!) The longest I have ever lived in one place...
    My my anniversary blog touches on the life we have built- I feel ya, girl!