Since Ezra got his drums on Christmas he has been abolutely cracking us up with them. He has turned his tinker toy canister into his drum stick holder. He takes this with him nearly everywhere to play drums in the car or at the store. In his small overnight suitcase he puts his ear muffs (not cold weather ear muffs but the gun range kind of ear muffs). Just ear muffs, nothing more.
He likes to dress himself in his "soccer clothes" as he calls them--which are really Canaan's soccer shirt and his Puma pants or shorts. When he insists on the Puma shorts then I have to layer those with sweatpants underneath. It is quite a get-up he has going on.
Getting out the door nowdays is pure work for him but he does it nonetheless.
When he is at home he continually moves his drum set (a full 9 piece drum set) around the room, arranging the set up. When he isn't moving the drum set from one part of the room to the other, he is moving his wooden toddler bed closer to the drum set--wherever that may be at the time.
Atleast twice a day I hear the scooting of furniture and drums upstairs. It actually cracks me up because it reminds me of myself as a child.
Maybe not at 2 years old but growing up I used to re-arrange my furniture all the time in my bedroom. This was not an easy feat with carpet, not hardwood, but I would continually move my bookshelves around, hang new pictures, move my bed, re-organize my stuff, and clean out my closet. I wasn't an obsessively clean person or neurotic about it but I just enjoyed moving it all around. Ezra seems to have inherited that gene.