Hops and Barley...

Mike finally got around to starting his homebrew beer last week. It was quite the lengthy procss (about 4 hours of measuring, boiling, straining, mixing...) And now the really lengthy process of waiting for a lager (4-6 weeks) has begun. As he has read, lagers need cold temperatures to ferment--about 45-55 degrees. We thought under the house in the crawlspace may be a good place for this. But because of our frigid temps recently, it just was too cold.
So low and behold, the big 5 gallon bucket of beer is in...our shower. Yes, our master bathroom shower which is all tile and really cold! He cut off the heat source back there and it stays right around 47 degrees. We usually take showers in the front bathroom anyhow, but it still cracks me up that he is brewing beer in our shower!
In late March we should be having our first beer tasting. A 5 gallon bucket makes 55 bottles, which should last for quite a while around here.