I have been sewing up a storm lately. I just took a batch of stuff up to Street Scene (the awesome shop I sell at). On Monday I took 10 reversible vintage fabric headbands, 2 aprons, and a throw pillow. Yesterday I made 4 pairs of Amy Butler's wide leg lounge pants, and yesterday I finished up a quilt that has been in the wings for months and 7 linen applique bibs.

Sewing has been intermingled with the rest of life--it hasn't been my life, by any means! Here is a typical schedule nowdays...

7:10am- wake Canaan up for school; breakfast, getting dressed, etc...
7:35am- get Canaan off to school
7:35-8:00- check email and try to post on my blog without success (the pics wouldn't load)
8:00-8:45 - pick up random clothes and shoes from the night before. Get dressed for the gym and get Ezra dressed.
9:00- Dance!Dance! class at the gym for 45 minutes. Its a hip hop dance class. So much fun and very humbling to realize I will not ever be a memeber of Britney Spears music videos.
10:00- leave the gym, grab a few bagels to bring home for the family.
10:45- Ezra eats an early lunch and so do I.
11:00- Ezra lays down for a nap and I start in on sewing the lounge pants.
12:00- Ezra wakes up (too soon) from his nap and plays in his room for another hour--coming downstairs every few minutes to discuss what he is playing with me while I sew.
2:00- I wrap up sewing for now. Ezra watched a movie and played, and talked with me from 1-2.
2:00-2:30- get dressed in layers and bundle up to go walk to get Canaan from school in the 20 degree weather.
2:45-3:15- get Canaan a snack and get him changed for tennis lessons across town.
4-5pm- tennis
5:30-7:00- dinner with Mike and the boys
7:30- boys in bed
7:30-8:30- finish up the lounge pants and go grab a quick shower
8:30-11pm- watching LOST! Usually we don't spend 2 1/2 hrs on the couch at night, but watching the premier of Lost was so much fun!! I love that show...
11:00-12- pack Canaan's lunch, pick up around the house from the day, and fall into bed.

So there it is, a day in the life. I don't have any major projects lined up for this week. I think it will be a catch up day with laundry, cooking, playing, and calling friends.


  1. I've had Amy Butler's lounge pants on my list for quite a while now! They look great! :)

  2. The pants are really great! Perhaps I'm able to sew something like this sometimes in the future too. I hope so!
    By the way, my little daugther tries to stick glue on the computer at this moment.

  3. Thanks for sharing your days routine. I'm always interested in how people spend their day, & fit everything in, as opposed to me. :) It never seems there's enough time...

    I LOVE your apron & lounge pants...& your pictures of them! You must be a very fast sewer because it takes me forever to finish a simple project without kids interrupting me. LOL! I'd love to see pics of your other projects.

    Melissa :)

  4. I am tired just reading it all. The Hip Hop class sounds like fun. Do they do any old school stuff like MC Hammer? Love that.


  5. Actually the hip hop class was insane. I had no idea. I thought it would be just a good workout but instead it was a full on Britney Spears MTV music video choreographed routine!! It was fun yet really too much for my brain to process at 9am. :) And at the end of the 1hr class (and 45 choreographed steps) later, the teacher says " I think I made it too easy this week. We'll go harder next week." Yikes!!

  6. Megan I love the new banner! And the apron looks great! To cute to actually cook in though :-)

  7. Megan,
    I love all your projects, and the apron is awesome!! I especially love your hair however. I am blown away by how long and healthy it is. It is so rare these days to see really long hair. I am growing mine out to donate to "locks of love" in memory of my little girl, but if it gets as long and beautiful as yours, I may be tempted to keep it!!