Iced In and Still Sewing...


  1. Those are the cutest! You are so talented with the sewing machine. I am kind of a sloppy sewer, especially when it comes to will look all nice on one side & all crooked on the other. Any sewing tips? Is it nosy to ask how long you've been sewing? And how did you learn? Love your glad I discovered it.


  2. these are gorgeous! Inclement weather has its advantages, huh?

  3. Thanks for asking!! :) I love your blog too :)
    I started sewing a little under 3 years ago. I never took home economics or anything like that and my mom doesn't have a crafting bone in her body.
    My husbands mom is a great sewer though and over our 10 years of marriage, as we would go and visit her, I would just watch how she sewed. I am great at watching people to learn-horrible at reading a manual!
    My husband bought me a machine at the thrift store and I finally got the confidence to try my hand at it and was hooked! I don't think I do things necessarily the "right" way but it still seems to turn out. Just in the past month or so I ventured into a bit of patterns. I am scared to death of patterns (I guess b/c I don't know the correct way for things.)
    As for the edging--I have trouble with that too! Just last night I made an apron and was trying to match a front seam and a back seam for a waist tie. From the front it looked great yet the back was aweful! UGhh...
    My mother in law is a perfect sewer!...she gives me something to aspire to :)

  4. Oh thank goodness I'm not alone with the awful edging...but I doubt you're that bad. LOL! You're right, manuals are a horrible way to learn. That's how I've been doing it though. I don't know anyone that sews, except online, on the blogs I read. :) Everyone's projects are so fun to look at. I got my first machine at Walmart about 4 years ago. It was a cheapy...sewed crooked & was frustrating so I stopped using it. This Christmas Jonah bought me an upgrade & I got all excited to sew again! I mostly make up my own weird designs to sew (like the tiny pillows), but I have some patterns in my closet I've been wanting to dig out & try. My latest project is Soulemama's gratitude wraps. Hopefully my friends won't notice the crooked seams when they get them in the mail. They were sewn with love. That's all they need to know. Haha!

  5. Ok so you had me SOOO excited!! :) I should find out what we are having in like 4 weeks or so :) I am excited!!! I love your eating snack ideas too!! wow... You really are a crafty genius!!!