Oh How I've Missed You, KitchenAid...

This is our front yard last night--one big ice skating rink. The ice is over 2" thick.

(before I begin this post, let me just say, we are in the midst of an insane ice storm. It snowed yesterday morning 3" then iced on top of that all day and night. This morning we woke up to broken trees, downed lines, and everything caked in THICK layers of ice~~ and thats just in our yard.) Today brings more ice and another 3"+ of snow on top of that. I am just praying that our electricity stays on and these enormous trees that surround our house that I love so much, don't fall!)

Last week I was pulling together dinner and decided to add a dessert to the mix. Having very little in our fridge or pantry, I remembered the frozen tart dough in my freezer (I posted about that a while back--its the handiest thing in the world!). I pulled it out along with a small carton of heavy whipping cream.
I rushed over to my cookbook shelf and grabbed my "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child (a MUST have book, by the way) and looked up a recipe for a custard.
After beginning to beat the egg yolks, I stood there realizing that it had been quite a while since I had baked! December was crazy with our travels and January has been interesting in its own right. I haven't taken (or had) much time for baking. But to me, baking and cooking are so comforting and exhilarating. I love the process of it all and realized just how much I had missed my baking times.

The custard tart that we topped with chopped mangoes I had sliced and frozen back in the fall, turned out great and I am looking forward to once again, having a date with my beloved KitchenAid again soon.