7 Days~21 Meals ~$70

My friend Kristie and I have been having ongoing discussions about our grocery expenditures. I think this is one of my biggest frustrations nowdays.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, getting out of debt in 2009 is one of our resolutions. This means, although we live very frugally anyhow, we are really going to have to buckle down and work to get this paid off in a year.

Which brings me to those pesky grocery store outings...I find it hard to still feed the family the healthy way that we choose to eat AND try to bring our grocery bill down each week. Does anyone else have these same frustrations?

I found this website today that I had a good time looking through. See what you think...

hillbilly housewife

I also found this website which I was able to get a ton of great recipes from for next weeks menu. They have a whole section for budget friendly meals and kid friendly healthy meals. I am looking forward to trying the Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers (Canaan loves chicken fingers!)

Eating Well


  1. Here in Holland it is pretty common to simply eat sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. Now I'm sure most people would find it boring, but for instance this is what we have pretty much every day in our house:
    - bowl of cereal
    - toast/bread with peanut butter, jam, appelstroop (don't ask), honey, or spreadable cheese
    - orange juice
    - peanut butter and jam sandwich
    - cheese sandwich (with meat/lettuce/tomato on special occasions)
    - fruit (apple, etc.)
    - juice

    It seems to me that that saves a lot of time and money over cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast! A little grain heavy perhaps, but who needs all that protein anyway?

    Btw, love the blog, very inspiring.

  2. Hello,
    cooking with a low budget is always an interesting topic for me. But for me it's important to use very often healthy and fresh and perhaps organic food and not so often instant meals. So I think your second link is maybe intersting for me, thanks!
    I'm trying to give some examples of simple food on my blog, too. Perhaps you like to have a look.

  3. my favorite website for deals is http://www.moneysavingmom.com/

  4. Dear Megan,
    thank you for your comment! Here is the recipy for the avocado-dip. It's just a meshed avocado with some creme fraiche (or sour cream), lemon juice and some salt. Sure you can spice it up with chili or a chili salsa or tomatos.
    I hope, you'll like it.


  5. I feel the same way! My boys are 2 &4 and I hate to feed them "crap" but if you're trying to keep from spending a fortune it's hard. The best trick I've found it to go to the ethnic grocery stores, they are sooooo cheap. The Indian grocery store (by Tandoor) has huge bags of spices for $1.50 and we got a ginormous bag of rice for $7. There's a Chinese grocery where New Circle has it's first stop light after Richmond rd. ect.