Canaan's 6th birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe another year has come and gone and my dear sweet little Canaan is 6! I try to not get too sentimental about it all but of course its so hard seeing my little baby grow up. I am so proud of him. He is such an amazing little guy. He always has an encouraging word to give and is so optimistic and positive. He is full of life and loves those around him so much. Just yesterday we were all dancing in the living room. Canaan kept saying "wow mom, you are such a good dancer!" Then he said "and you are so beautiful too." How amazing is that?
Mike and I decided that instead of buying Canaan gifts this year we would surprise him and take him to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum for the day. He has been asking to go to a children's museum since we visited the Portland C.M. last fall in Maine. I was listening to NPR the other week and heard a story about the C.M. in Indianapolis and that it is the world's largest.
It took 3 hours to get up there which meant we were up and out the door on Saturday morning at 7:30am. After a long day of playing, exploring, learning, and laughing we rolled back in town at 9pm...looonnnnggg day! But well worth it :)Also~ we were loving the fact that at the dino exhibit, the dinosaurs bones were REAL, not casts. All were found in the US on farms and such. The T Rex was found by a kid on his farm in South Dakota!

Dinosaur Rubbings

Learning about Rivers and Streams

Parachute fun

A Real Indy RaceCar

After a long weekend we settled in last night for a nice quiet dinner. I made a quick frittata and a salad and we sat, candlelight, with the boys and had a wonderful, yet simple, meal. Canaan loves eating by candlelight and having nice music playing and so do I. We tucked them in bed, and as is tradition around here for the past few months, Mike pulls out this old hymn book we found at a thrift store and sings old hymns to the boys. Then they all sing "Holy, holy, holy" together before they go to sleep. It is the best part of the day...