Goodbye Grandma's House

So my style tends to lean towards the shabby chic side. A bit like Grandma's house meets 2009. Lots of quilts, cream colors, hues of blues and grays, and linen. Our bedroom has always taken that same style direction...until this week.
A couple of months ago I was lying in bed and thinking of how I could "spruce" the space up a bit. The walls definitely needed painting but beyond that I feel like we were in need of a change. My thoughts then drifted to what feeling I wanted the room to have to Mike and I.
When we travel, we like to travel in style. No 2 star budget inn's for us. We love to get on Priceline or Hotwire and try to get the best deal we can on a 4 star hotel. This isn't because we can't stay in anything less. We have stayed in plenty of budget inn's, slept on concrete floors in Mongolia for 6 weeks, and on tribal hut pit pit floors in Papua New Guinea. We both went to camp growing up and have slept on little cots. But there is something much more restful and rejuvenating to stay in a hotel with really nice linens, rich colors, great accessories, and nice lighting.
So there it was~ my inspiration for our new master bedroom. I told Mike that I want the room to feel sexy and fun and cozy (but not cozy in the patchwork quilt kind of way). He was definitely on board! We went with eco-friendly Benjamin Moore paint in the color "Pine Cone Brown". I wish you could see it in person b/c the pictures just don't capture the depth and richness of the color! We kept the trim crisp white.
I have always wanted duponi silk curtains in my bedroom but at $50+ a yard I wasn't expecting to actually get them.

While in Orlando last I went to the fabric store and stumbled upon this beautiful damask print duponi silk that was normally $50 a yard for $7 a yard!!! Can you believe it?? I bought 7 yards for the price that I would have paid for 1.
The room still needs alot of work. Usually I can piece together a room from what we already have. I will re purpose stuff and re-use it in new ways to keep things fresh. Unfortunately we don't have alot of silver or glass which is what I want to accessorize with. I did have this large mirror my parents bought for us at auction for our 1st anniversary. It has been used everywhere in our homes! The dining room, above the fireplace, in the living room, and now in the bedroom.

You'll see on my grandmother's dresser that there are some sparkly glass thing-a-ma-bobbers. I found them at a goodwill in Cincy for $3 a piece. I am hoping Mike can use his McGyver skills to turn them into hanging lights in the room. We'll get the lighting supplies at Ikea soon and try it out...I'll keep you posted.
I told Mike last night that I would love for a $500 gift card from Z Gallery to drop out of the sky. I could put a hurtin' on that store for this room :)
Slowly it will come together. Some artwork and pictures will help fill up the empty wall space. And I am hoping a dust ruffle that is white and chocolate brown will discount even more at Target from its current $27 price.

I keep saying that after the kitchen we won't do anymore home improvement projects for a while. But I am already eyeing that pesky front bathroom of ours with gold trim tile and old linoleum floor. I will have to start hunting around town for good deals on tile, tub, sink, etc...
Let the fun begin again!