Kentucky State Fair...Here I Come!

Last year I entered 2 cakes in the Kentucky State Fair. I LOVE state fairs (although I am partial to the Ohio State Fair) and have always wanted to enter cakes and cookies, quilts and paintings. Well last summer I decided to enter the 2008 KSF in August. Luckily I called the offices just days before the entry sign up deadline and signed up to enter 2 cakes. Once I signed up, they sent the official "Rules" book along with my personalized tags to attach to the cakes. I was also given certain times to bring the cakes (which is 1 1/2 hrs. away in Louisville).
It was so exciting bringing the cakes the day of entry. There were hundreds of people piling out of their cars and into the exhibition halls with their homemade wines, matted artwork, photographs, fish tanks, crafts, and food.
I won 3rd place for my chocolate cake. You can see that here .
I couldn't believe how many entries were in each division! Just in my layered chocolate cake division there were over 30!
I decided last year that I would start earlier on entries for the 2009 KSF. Last fall I spent a couple of hours going through the book that lists the different categories one can enter. It is astonishing what catagories can be entered into a fair. Here are a few that I am hoping to enter: decorated Christmas tree, chair seat covers, place mats, bibs, half apron, and full apron.
So I finally started last week working on an entry. Its my half apron entry. I decided to stray a bit from the predictable kitchen apron and did a craft apron. This is risky, I think, but I hope it will hold its own among the other entries.
I have 6 months to get things done. I am sure I will only get to about half of what I'd like and that's ok too...

I'd encourage you to call and have your state's fair office send you a book of entries for the 2009 year. It really is super fun and is a nice state tradition to be a part of. Plus it is a real money maker! I won not only a ribbon but got a check for $8 in the mail :) !! That got me 3 skim milk lattes at Starbucks :)


  1. I love that apron! So cute!
    I don't know about the state fair in all states. You live in a state where normal people would go. In some states, only the hmmmm... let's say, special people would go.

  2. Oh, I love it. I would give you one of those big purple ribbons! :) Actually, it might stand out to the judges since it's not your everyday apron...good thinking!

    My sister used to do this at our small-town county fair. She would enter all the obscure categories & win lots of moolah because hardly anyone else was competing.

    Maybe I'll check out the Utah State Fair entries this year. That sounds like fun!

  3. Cute apron. Good luck with the contest.


  4. I am so curious about the "decorated Christmas tree". Do you just take a pic, or do you haul an actual tree there. Very interesting. And maybe next year you guys can win the beer category as well, hee, hee!

  5. Yes, you totally have to go and set up the Christmas tree!! I am doing the 4ft and under catagory. But there are large trees as well. Totally hilarious and fun!!!!

  6. I love the apron and that cake looks so gooooood. I will have to look into our state fair.