Little Drummer Boy

It has been quite busy around here lately. A Valentines dance, a birthday, a quick trip to Cincinnati, an auction, more beer making, and some business to attend to.

With all the craziness, we have had plenty of fun. Ezra is still drummin' like its nobody's business. Along with his 7 piece drum set he will often construct his own traveling drum set that he can move around the house. Today it consisted of a half filled paint can, an empty tinker toy cylinder turned upside down, and his cymbals. His "drum sticks" rotated between real drum sticks, my knitting needles, and water bottles. I like to think he is an experimental musician.
I turned on a Carlos Santana concert and he jammed out for nearly an hour, running from room to room banging on anything he could find.
And I will say, it isn't just haphazard banging. This boy has some nice rhythm. He actually thinks through it and tries to match his drumming to the music.