Partying all night long...

Well, maybe not all night long. But a 9pm party to a 6 year old seems like all night long!

We had a great time last night for Canaan's birthday. He had planned out a menu of his favorites to eat (nachos, creamy chicken pasta, and bruschetta). Friends came over, Wii was played, gifts were opened, and fun was had all around.
I made Canaan's gifts this year. We had taken him to the museum for his big gift this year so all else was handmade.

He has been wanting a sock monkey so I made my first sock monkey and he loves anything Wii at this point in life so Mike used Photoshop to make a Wii design and I whipped up this little number.


  1. happy birthday Canaan. Wish we could've been there with you to celebrate!!!! xo

  2. I am really late, but happy birthday Canaan. My kids are all wii fans too. Luke especially loves Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. :)

    Great t-shirt idea.

  3. He wanted a sock monkey?! He is obviously a kindred spirit.