Embracing Each Day

I snapped this photo yesterday (St. Patricks Day) as Ezra and I headed out to lunch. He always picks out his own clothes now days and actually picked out these bright green vintage overalls without any suggestions from me! Smart kid...

The weather has been amazing which has allowed for alot of outdoor play, gardening, deck building and dinner outside.

I was so saddened tonight to read about actress Natasha Richardson's death. I am not really too familiar with her work but I have always loved her husband, Liam Neeson's acting. I am completely saddened by the thought that her 2 young boys now are motherless and her husband is a widower. Each time something like this happens I am reminded again and again of the frailty of life and how much I want to savour and embrace each day I have with my amazing family.

My perspective is always re-evaluated during these times too. I learn again, not to get hung up on the trivial things~ the little drama's throughout the day that can put me in a bad mood, the frustration I allow myself to feel when things don't end up the way I expected, or allowing issues such as the economy affect how I am living my life.

As I always tell my boys, we always have a choice in how we live. We choose our attitudes, our thought patterns, or actions. I have to remind myself of this too. I want to diligently choose to always have a grateful heart and a gentle spirit; to speak words of encouragement and affirmation to my family and friends, and to live each day to the fullest with the talents and gifts I have been given.

I heard someone say recently on an NPR broadcast, "It is not possible to know what is possible". That phrase has been running in my mind for over a week now. It is so true.

That is whats on my heart tonight. My prayers are with those children who lost their mother today and for their father who has to go to bed tonight alone.

May we all live each day to the fullest and give our love freely to others.


  1. It was very sad to know that she had passed. I had read that she was in critical condition. I loved her works but didn't realize until her accident that she was Joely Richardsons sister. They are daughters of Lynn Redgrave who is a fav too.

  2. I too Megan have been in deep thought lately. I was also so saddened to hear about her death. you know how the past few months have been, it has been a reminder to me also to pay attention to the small things and not to get so upset over silly stuff. I like your advice to the boys and hope one day I can share the same advice with my children. Life is a blessing! BTW Ezra looks so adorable. i love his personality.

  3. Correction: Lynn Redgrave was not Natasha's mother. Vanessa was.