Ezra's Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Ezra's birthday with lots of friends around. I "catered" his birthday meal. He requested black beans and rice, watermelon, and blue cake with blue icing. In addition we had a pork tenderloin, fresh (homemade...first batch, ever!) mozzarella and tomato salad, and other random things I can't seem to remember right now.
It was a great day of play, fun, excitement, and thankfulness for our amazing 3 year old boy!

His blue cake was an interesting concoction. In an attempt to NOT use food dye I had tried to use fresh blueberry syrup to color the cake. Umm...of course that just gave me a purple cake! So I did end up having to use about 3 drops of blue food coloring but at least it was significantly less than if I had not "pre-dyed" it with the blueberries.
In other news, the chickens are growing fast. I'll post more pictures soon. Their wings are starting to grow and change color. They go out back with me each day for a field trip. They love to flap their wings, peck at the grass, and eventually take naps under the breeze of our large shade tree.
My posts are much less frequent these days thanks to sunny days, tennis lessons, VBS, and the baby chicks arrival. I definitely don't mind less computer time though!