Fair Entry

I am still plugging along on my entries for the Kentucky State Fair in August. I am not going to make nearly as much as I had hoped to enter, but thats ok. Part of the fun is dreaming up what I want to make and knowing that someday down the road I'll get to it.
Here is one entry I finished up this morning. Each item I am making is something I will use here in our house after the fair is over. This little guy is for the "small quilt" division which can be no larger than 17 inches by 17 inches. Mine measures about 16 by 16.

After the fair I'll frame it for our house. Its quite an odd little quilt...just the way I wanted it. But who knows what the judges are looking for. Do they want a more classic representation of quilting? Who knows! I'll just make what speaks to me and is representative of our home and we'll see how it all pans out.
Last year I won 3rd place for my chocolate cake. The competition was stiff! Over 50 cakes just in the chocolate cake division! This year I am going to try to go for first :)