Our girls have arrived!

For my birthday Mike surprised me with chickens! They arrived this morning via our sweet mailman, Jim. We ordered extra for some friends in town and ended up with 25 in our shipment. We are keeping 4. They are salmon faverolles (the breed I have really been wanting!) and they are OH SO CUTE!

Without further ado....here are Lorelai, Sookie, Edith, and Maggie!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend. Full of fun and surprises! My dear friend Julie came by on my big day to spend some time with me and she brought me the most beautiful scarf. Mike and the boys surprised me with a massage~during the massage they were at home making pizza and dessert. Canaan and Ezra made me wonderful artwork as well. The next morning we continued with my birthday celebration with a trip to Cincinnati. Canaan had planned a lunch for me at Buca DiBeppo as well. It was a great birthday weekend~ I was absolutely spoiled and felt so loved.


  1. Happy birthday! Wow...I've wanted chickens forever, unfortunately we can't have them where we live. It's my dream to have a house in the woods with chickens & donkeys. They are so cute! Just make sure when you snuggle them up you keep the butt end away from your shirt...I learned that lesson a few years ago. :) Great names, Lorelei & Sookie! One of my favorite shows ever!

  2. I am glad, that you had such a wonderful weekend. And now chickens, wow! Have a lot of fun and eggs!

  3. So what is the deal with this breed of chickens. I plan on getting some soon and know absolutely nothing about them.

    Happy Birthday

  4. They are adorable. I am so glad you were surprised with a sweet surprise for your birthday.