Teachers Gifts

Its a busy night around here. Canaan and I have been working hard to finish up gifts for his end-of-the-year gifts for teachers. He has made them marshmallows from his company and I have made his homeroom teachers some little sewn gifts.
Canaan is such a thoughtful little guy. He has been so detailed about the gifts and making sure that each teacher (and his principle) get a gift. He has made out a list so he can take it to school with him tomorrow. He asked if he could write a letter to his teachers as well in which he wrote "thank you for teaching me in kindergarten".
They are almost all assembled. Canaan is now in bed and Mike is off at a meeting for work. I can't figure out how to assemble these stupid white boxes from Michaels so those will have to wait for Mike to get home.
Its now 8:18pm and I think I'll make a smoothie for dinner and watch some TV until Mike gets home.
Goodnight from the Smith homestead.