A baby quilt

A couple of months ago my friend Jen had her second baby boy. She and her family are missionaries in Papua New Guinea so we rarely (once every 5 years or so) get to see them. This past spring they were home for the birth of Sammy K and we were able to spend a few hours catching up.

After Sammy K was born, I made this quilt for him. It is a quilt minus any batting in the middle. The temperatures on the coast in PNG are very hot and making a thick quilt just isn't practical.

Anyhow, I went more "themed" than I usually do with quilts. They have lived in Hawaii and now live on the ocean overseas. Needless to say, they love the ocean! I decided to make the quilt kind of like an abstract ocean scene~sun, water, and sand.
(I find taking pictures of quilts is near impossible and oh-so-frustrating!~sorry for the lack of good pictures of this)

I have 2 fairly large quilting projects I need/want to start on soon. Both are gifts and both will take a fair amount of ingenuity and time. I can't wait!