Summer Pies

I made 2 pies this week for the annual Pie Tasting and Ice Cream Social downtown. I have never been one for pie making~ tart making is more my thing :)
Nonetheless, I made a peach pie and a strawberry rhubarb pie. It was my first attempt at lattice crust which wasn't nearly as hard as I had envisioned it being.
The weather has been incredibly amazing this week. Low 70's and no humidity. This means lots of time outdoors, letting the chicks get used to the yard, playing lots of tennis, and gardening.


  1. Those pies are gorgeous! I just watched this movie last night called Sweet Land where two women ate a whole pie in one sitting. I think it was probably for their dinner that night. lol! It made me laugh.

    I love pie so much I usually ask for it on my birthday instead of cake. Peach has always been my favorite. I remember my mom always took her excess pie dough & put butter & cinnamon on them & baked them for a short period before the pies so we had something yummy to snack on while anticipating the pies! Those are good memories.

  2. those look amazing! YUM!

  3. I am so jealous of your temperatures. I am in North Louisiana right now and it got to 100 yesterday. Same today. The heat index of course is much higher.

  4. They look great!
    I was reading the July issue of Gourmet on our road trip yesterday: Honey Caramel Peach Pie! Can't wait for stone fruit to arrive!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I found your blog looking for a vintage book, but now I'm hooked. Glad to add you to my feedreader!