The Marshmallows Company Debut

It has been a whirlwind of a week. Canaan's first order of 12 bags were due to the coffee house last Tuesday. By Friday they called saying they had nearly sold out of all the bags and needed another 24 bags by Saturday night.
So we kicked it into high gear and whipped out another 24 bags before the holiday open house on Saturday night.
Canaan had his own table where he had samples out and bags of marshmallows for sale.
He is the ultimate salesman. He answered questions like a pro and even threw in some added thoughts like "these melt really well in hot chocolate", and "they are all natural, too!." He was cracking Mike and I up all night long. One customer asked how they were made and Canaan's response was "the ingredient list is on the back but I won't tell you temperatures or how they are made." Love that.

We hung around his table for the first hour or so and then he finally looked at us and said "you guys can go walk around or something. You don't need to stand there." He spent the night talking to customers, offering samples, taking breaks to go get food from the catered food table, and chatting with one of his good friends that stopped by to see him.

It was a long and slightly tiring weekend but it was so much fun. Canaan has seemed to flourish with his new business and a new level of independence is emerging. As sentimental as it is to see my 6 year old start spreading his wings just a bit, it is so very exciting.