Sunday Brunch

We had some wonderful friends over for a rainy Sunday brunch.

It was a fun afternoon of chatting amongst us gals, listening to the kids play, watching the guys help tackle a bathroom remodel project, and enjoying some food.
It is always so fun talking with friends who inspire, encourage, and cheer us on in life and whom we can do the same.

Bringing the meal together was a cinch. I worked on it throughout the week as I had time and pulled it all together this morning.
It was an odd menu~not necessarily foods that typically go together but I like to use what I have on hand without spending a small fortune at the store to bring it all together.
Here was the menu:

Homemade goat cheese with homemade black pepper crackers (both are make ahead)
Apples drizzled in honey and roasted pecans
Chorizo Egg Casserole (assemble ahead of time, bake 1 hr before)
Maple Oat Scones with homemade apple butter (dough is make ahead)
Chocolate French Macaroons (make ahead)
Homemade granola with mangoes and yogurt (make ahead)


  1. mmm. right up my alley. looks delish and sounds like such a relaxing day! I'll have to get your scone recipe. i love those!

  2. Hmm, looks very delicious! Although there is always a lot do do before such a brunch, its a wonderful time. I love this, too!

  3. This is such a good idea, a morning get together. Tea, coffee, and I just love an egg casserole.

  4. Every single thing about this morning sounds incredible. Apples, pecans, honey (and I use a little cinnamon) is my favorite snack in the world.

  5. hi,
    oh it looks very delicious.
    greetings from germany,