On Otto Time

The Smith homestead has transitioned into "Otto Time" this week.
We are home from the hospital and adjusting to life with a newborn again.
I had forgotten how life altering a newborn can be. The sleepless nights and foggy days make for an interesting transition...especially with two others running around relatively unphased by the new addition.
So for now we are on Otto time. Lots of hanging out on the bed, hanging out on the couch and moving back to the bed. Meals consisting of yogurt and fruit, cereal, and sandwiches. Watching the snow fall, listening to music, watching TV, and nursing the new little guy.


  1. Oh, if I could I would bring you some soup, fresh bread, and a load of cookies. Thinking of you.

  2. I love those little feet. So precious and new looking. Life will get back to normal, as you may have found with your other little ones.


  3. Perfect...just as life should be.

  4. Does it get any better than that? A virtual vat of hot stew and two loves of homemade bread, to you. And if I knew how to knit them, some booties, too. BTW, "relatively unphased" is a GREAT response from the big two. Well done!