Feeling Pretty

I have been thinking alot about fashion lately. Clothes, hair, beauty products, etc... It began during my pregnancy. I discovered this new found love with Sephora. I had heard of women just going bonkers over Sephora stores but I have never been one of them. Overall, I have been the type of gal to stick to a basic beauty routine; wash my face, put on moisturizer, brush some bare minerals on and head out the door.
That began to change though during my pregnancy when I was feeling frumpy and not too sexy in those maternity jeans and oversized shirts. I really wanted to be that hot sexy pregnant mama but really had no desire to spend money on designer maternity clothes that I would never wear again.
So I turned my attention to skin care for nine months. I didn't do this intentionally but I noticed myself meandering for long periods of time in Sephora or Ulta, reading up on the latest moisturizers in Marie Claire, and watching late night QVC when Philosophy was featured.
Part of me finds this to be slightly indulgent and unnecessary. I have traveled to remote parts of third world countries and seen the most basic standards of living. A part of me that rejects this idea of spending extra money on unnecessary things because...well really they aren't necessary.
But then I also began to look at things in another way. It actually ties in with the idea of "homemaking". Homemaking for me, or the idea of making a house a home, is not just in the decor I choose to use on our mantle, the table setting we set when entertaining guests, or the meal I make for dinner. It is also in the overall attitude and environment of our home. And frankly, I feel much more energized, engaged, and happy when I take care of myself- which directly correlates with the energy of the home.
So all this to say, that I have given myself permission. Permission to think more about fashion and beauty and not feel guilty about it. Permission to take a longer shower and use yummy smelly soaps and lotions. Permission to spend a bit of money on a new lipstick or earrings from time to time.
Of course, all of this will be done frugally, but it will be done not because I deserve it ( I have a pet peeve when people say that), but because my family deserves to have a mother and wife who can daily feel beautiful and bring a level of energy and spunk to the home that happens when I put a spritz of perfume on or wear extended lash mascara...just because.

(as a side note; writing this post reminded me of a book I read in college called "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman". An interesting read, although slightly old-school, but still has some good nuggets of wisdom).