Hello Sun

Oh how nice the sunshine has been. After a long, cold, icy, snowy winter (which I am not complaining about...because I really do love winter) it is nice to have some sunshine warming the house each day. The sun has inspired my new summer handbags and coin purses. They have been fun to make and although I don't usually make anything for myself, I think I may need one of these bags for the pool this summer.

The afternoon sun that pours into our kitchen has also inspired some 2pm painting while the boys nap. I have been listening to lots of jazz during these power painting sessions too which is fun, inspiring, stress relieving, and energizing.

Here's to many sunny days to come!


  1. I agree, it's energizing to feel the sun coming around!

  2. yes, yes indeed. i do love a bit of winter, but this sun! oh, it is something else. your painting, by the way, is smashing.

  3. Wow, the colors and warmth in this post are amazing