Creativity is a Habit

I love that phrase. I read it recently and was struck by it. Yes, creativity is a habit. I don't believe some of us are born creative and others are not. I believe we each have in us creativity. Some develop it further than others, some find their niche and pursue it, and some neglect it~ but we all have it.
I sometimes get frustrated when people see the work I do, whether sewing, painting, cooking, etc..., and say that it just comes naturally to me. I strongly disagree with that train of thought. Every creative endeavor I pursue takes hours,days, weeks, and years of practice. I have chosen to make creativity a habit in my life. I have chosen to tap into my creativity (that we all have) and pursue it further. I made loads of mistakes but I keep pursuing. I get burned out sometimes, but I keep pursuing. I do so because without developing my creativity and actively engaging in it, I surely wouldn't be nearly the wife, mother, friend, mentor, or child of God that I am meant to be.
Recently, I have some super special gals that have a common mind in this whole area. We all have busy schedules yet make time to meet together over a cup of coffee and encourage, inspire, and challenge one another. We don't all have the same creative pursuits ~in fact they are quite different from one another, yet the common thread of purposely choosing to take risks creatively brings us together.

So I thought I'd leave you this weekend with a couple of inspiring ladies.
My sweet friend, Morgan, has just launched a new site called Morgan Day Cecil. It is incredibly inspiring and challenging. I am especially excited about her article on writing your manifesto~ I need to do that. Heather over at Shivaya Naturals also talked on it as well this week.

I am also enamored and awe struck by the gorgeous photography by Sarah Beaty. She is a wife, a mama, and a smart business gal who owns Eyeris Photography in Nashville. Just look at those photos. If you are within 100 miles of Nashville, you simply must book her. She's amazing.

What are your thoughts in this area of creativity?

P.S. Our adventures with Backseat Traveler have been many in recent weeks. You can see what we've been up to over here.


  1. love this post Megan. I totally agree. Have a great weekend!

  2. inspiring! could not agree with you more! thanks for the lovely links too :).

  3. I don't often think of myself as a "creative" person, but I think everyone is, in some way.

    Whenever I am feeling especially uncreative, this video always inspires me.

  4. I agree!
    Sometimes when people say "You are so creative" or "I could NEVER do that" its almost like an insult. I know its because they don't think they can do crafty things but hey at one time I couldn't either it has taken me a lot of time to find out that I can do things crafty.

  5. I completely agree! You can love the arts and appreciate them, but until you have studied the just don't reach your potential. Unless you're a savant you won't be able to just sew something in a day until you've cut a thousand squares or switched out your bobbin a dozen times. It goes for've got to work at it.

  6. I completely agree. Everyone is creative, even if they don't realize it. That's one of the beautiful things about creativity: it takes many shapes and forms. But it's definitely something you have to practice in order to be truly good or successful at it. Picasso didn't paint once in a blue moon, Edgar Allan Poe didn't just write when he felt like it, and Albert Einstein didn't occasionally think about science. They all did it daily and with an unending drive to get it just right.

  7. Thanks for the comments. I am glad to see other like minded people out there. I love the creativity of all of your blogs too :)

  8. we are on very similar brainwaves today. i think i'm rediscovering what creativity is right now. it's pretty exciting.


    xo Alison

  9. There are so many wonderful things in this post. Totally agree with you on creativity being a practice. It is funny to read this because I have thinking about this a lot lately.

  10. I don't usually leave comments on posts, but this one really hit home with me this weekend. I love being creative and am always trying new recipes, gardening ideas, drawing, and occasionally a sewing adventure! I tend to get teased a lot for doing "things myself when I could just buy it" but it is such a vital part of me that I could not be who I am without my creativity. Sometimes (Like this weekend) I get weary of the comments and feel very alone in my pursuits. That's why I enjoy your post so much! THanks for always sharing your thoughts with the great wide world. It is always enjoyed by me!

  11. Thanks Karen. That means alot that this post resonated with you as well. I too get weary of the comments. But truly, I come back to the fact that I just want to do these things because I find so much happiness in them. Keep pursuing your creative endeavors. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.