In the Kitchen

Lots of cooking and baking happening over here~ this is fairly typical though. We all love to cook so it seems something is always happening in the kitchen. Whether it is a batch of Saturday morning waffles being made by my hubby or marinating fish headed to the grill for fish tacos, there is an endless amount of food being produced in this house.

And since we're on the topic of food, we are in the midst of watching the eye-opening documentary, Food Inc. We get about 20 minutes of the 2 hour film in every couple of days or so in between homework, dinner, nursing, and bath time. This film is rocking our world. That, combined with some other research we've been doing, we have definitely turned a major corner on this whole organic bandwagon.
We have been buying organic milk and eggs for the past 3 years or so but biting the bullet and paying more for meat just hasn't happened...until now. Not only are we committing to buying organic meats, we really want to take the further step to buy local, organic meat near our home. Although we live on a fairly tight grocery budget we are going to start transferring allotted money from other areas in our budget to cover the additional cost. Its just that important.