The Love of a Lifetime

Tucked deep in the mountains of eastern Kentucky stands a little white chapel. Perched on a small hill it shares with the small graveyard where Zelphia Halcomb is buried.
Zelphia, who lived a long and full life deep in Little Leatherwood holler died last year. She left behind her lifelong love, Fess.
Fess Halcomb, old and wise, is always dressed in black (the Johnny Cash of the mountains) or in blue jean overalls. He is a family treasure. Always witty, always full of life, and a man who loves his family~ especially his sweet Zelphia.
After Zelphia died last year and was buried on their property, Fess built this little chapel. On it hangs a sign saying "The Church That Love Built". Inside are two small church benches and a stained glass window.

We drove by once while he was building it. I welled up with tears as I watched this old yet strong man carry the lumber from his barn to the top of the hill to build a place to sit and be near the love of his life. This little chapel is true to its name. He walks often to this chapel to pray and to look out along the winding road of the holler that he and Zelphia walked along together for decades. Decades of raising children, planting gardens, celebrating births, mourning deaths, hanging Christmas wreaths, setting the Thanksgiving table, and welcoming family for reunions. What love.

I too have a love that will span decades.