Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yesterday was Lexington's kick off for the Fourth of July Weekend festivities. It began, as always, with the Great American Pie Contest and Ice Cream Social at Cheapside Park downtown.

It was a gorgeous 80 degree day ~ a much welcomed change from the recent near 100 degree muggy ones. Our dear friends Shawn and Julie came to hang out with us and do serious damage on some pizza from the local pizzeria, Goodfellas.

My pie, a Chocolate, Walnut and Fig Pie one second place in the semi-homemade category. I can make an ok pie crust but definitely not an award winning one. So I went the semi homemade route and used a store bought one...kinda cheating, but when they offer that category, why not utilize it?
(Like Canaan's cream pie teeth? :)

We came home and Canaan was inspired to make a pie as well. He titled it "Blerry" pie (that would be blackberry and cherry pie to you.)

We've also been using lots of fresh berries on crepes lately. Savory and sweet crepes are on the menu often around here.

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Imene said...

A whole lot of yuminess!! Congratulations on your prize!

Amy Kelly said...

Congratulations on your win! I've been dying to enter the pie contest the past two years but just haven't had time to come up with any recipes. Once summer hits it's way to hot in my kitchen to do any experimental baking.

Your pie sounds amazing and so unique!

Kristi said...

happy fourth to you, celebrate a little for me too! the photo of the two of you is so cute.

micha said...

Congratulations! I suppose it's a very American thing to make a pie contest. Never heard of something like this in Germany. I'm sure your pie was fanatstic, perhaps you have a little bit time to write down the recipe?

Heather said...

Congratulations!!!!! How cool to have your pie take second. Your pie sounds delicious, and those crepes made me so very hungry. Have a great weekend ahead

Amanda As A Bee said...

So envious that you already have fresh berries! I check our blueberries nearly daily hoping to find one blue enough to nibble!

perchesinthesoul said...

Congrats on you pie prize :) and thanks for stopping by to comment. Your son's 'berry' pie looks delicious, I would definitely try a slice if it were in front of me!

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