Whatcha Eating?

Lunch yesterday wasn't so healthy, but oh-so-yummy. The chocolate cake was made a couple of months, yes months, ago. I had made a 3 layer chocolate cake and when leveling out the layers, I saved and froze the top parts for a later treat...or in this case, lunch.
In recent weeks my girlfriends and I have been talking alot about food. More specifically, what we're making for dinner, what we're feeding the kids for snacktime and budget friendly meals.

So this gets me thinking ~ what are you eating nowadays? Next week I am going to be sharing some of my favorite go-to recipes and I would love if you would share yours! Email me (megan@ittysmitty.com) this weekend or early next week and I'll post not only my favorites but some of yours as well!

See ya then...


  1. Well, today is National Food Day in Canada. So at the request of The Monster I've got strawberry sour cream ice cream on the go, steaks in the fridge, and a caesar salad prepped with a large head of romaine from our CSA. It's summer, this is easy, but an indulgent feast for the family.

    Me, generally, well I'm trying to get rid of a few things in the diet. I had a major health issue this week and it's forced me to face things. I eat well, but I eat too much. So I'm going to focus on the quality. It doesn't sound like a stretch if you read my blog, but the blog doesn't show the handfuls of chocolate a day nor the potato chips!

  2. I'm looking forward to these recipes! We eat a lot of rice, meat & gravy since my husband is from the south & I love pasta w/marinara & ground beef, chicken or shrimp so we eat a lot of that too. It'll be interesting to find some new recipes. One recipe I've been thinking about lately are fish tacos...I'm trying to find a good recipe for that if you have one. :) Thanks.