We're considering selling our house. There I said it. We've been thinking about it for months now but its so hard to actually vocalize. Oh how we love this bungalow of ours. Its our first home! After 12 years of renting, and 3 years of house hunting, we found this little gem and have loved every minute and every corner.
But it feels time to move on. To move onto slightly larger digs. I truly feel like I have maximized the space to its fullest. I have de-cluttered and re-arranged as much as I can and we are finally realizing that there just isn't enough room.
If we were a typical family that spent most of the day away from home, it would work. But we essentially run 4 companies inside these 4 walls. Mike office is from home, Itty Smitty happens here, The Marshmallows Company resides here as well, and all the freelance writing work that has been coming my way takes place at the Smith Homestead.
We've been saying for months now "if we only had one more room in the house". We just need that extra room. We considered building on ~ but in the end it is easier (and cheaper) to find a larger space.
We hope to stay in the same neighborhood (we love it here) but we are going to miss this place so much. I feel like our thumbprint is on every inch of this space. We've knocked out walls, de-constructed, re-constructed, designed, and planned almost the entire house. Its been so much work and so much fun.
We are finishing up a second bathroom remodel this weekend and at some point in the next couple of months will list our house. Unless we luck out in finding buyers before that point...hint, hint ;)
And at the end of the day ~ if we never get an offer on this home and have to stay put, I am ok with that too. Because if I haven't mentioned already ~ I love this home.