We received final confirmation on Canaan's appearance on the show today. An entire 7 minute segment! Wowzers. That's a big chunk of time. We had only anticipated a couple of minutes at best. We're thrilled, proud, thankful and blessed.

The Marshmallows Company new website is up and is a-ma-zing. Our uber talented friend, Freedom, designed it for us. If you need some out-of-the-box web design done, she is your gal. You can see it here


  1. Happiness! And...anticipation of all the great things coming your way!

  2. It's so cool! I definitly will show it to my son, who likes Canaan's great career, too.

  3. We watched the show online. It was a great segment! When it was over my daughter asked if we could see more video of Canaan making marshmallows. I told her maybe someday when he has his own show..
    Look forward to hearing more about the Homestead!