He's 5

Life has become quite crazy with this whole new business venture. Mike heads out early to start the coffee and put the pastries in the oven and I trickle in a little later on in the morning after spending some time with the boys. Then I am off for 4-5 hours baking, making lunch for customers and helping close The Homestead each day at 2.
Both Mike and I are home by 3pm each day to spend the late afternoon and evening making dinner with the boys, playing at the pool or just lounging on the couch watching a movie from the library.
All this to say...life has not afforded much time for blogging lately.
But I couldn't pass up taking a few moments to blog about Ezra's 5th birthday this week.

Ezra keeps us on our toes. He is completely unpredictable, headstrong, much less sensitive than his older brother and much more willing to let us know what he thinks...at all times. He is goofy and stylish and just might be the next David Beckham if he had his way.

Never a dull moment with our sweet Ezra, that's for sure.
We love it.